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Shaping the Future

We know the directions to get you into your dream home. Excellence lies at the intersection experience and passion. With over 15 years of experience; we’ll turn any lot of land into a loveable lifestyle. Whether you prefer modern urban styles or a more classic cozy feeling – we’ll create a home that captures your heart.

Who We Are

“To me this is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle and I enjoy the process from beginning to end. I plan to continue on this path and adjust as the economy and the market changes. ”
-Nathan Krause, Founder

We are a team of architects, residential interior & exterior designers, commercial designers and commercial architects. With over 40 years of combined experience we have the creativity and expertise to bring any dream to life.

With our unique combination of project management, construction and innovative construction saving techniques we deliver beyond expectation for our clients regularly. We’re proud to be associated with some of the most beautiful classic and modern homes, as well as commercial design in Portland.

Residential Homes

Interior Design

Commercial Projects


Project Planning

Prepare for projects with a professional architect that specializes in exactly what you need. We’ll craft the perfect living space or commercial design to help your vision come to life.


We’ve mastered the art of making a house that feels like home. We develop outstanding residential projects based on location, builder preferences, and budget.

Interior Design

Whether you need an impressive open interior or a fully furnished model home – we maximize the value of any style property from the inside, out. Turn any boring home walk-through into a memorable experience with professional interior design.

Exterior Design

Create car-stopping curb appeal with our custom exterior designs. We help home builders stand out from the crowd with tasteful and unique styles.

Property Appraisal

Maximize value without bending the budget. We offer homebuilders precise appraisals from professional people. Every dollar matters. When accuracy matters; we deliver.


Large projects require layers of logistics. Ensure your commercial developments of any size stay on track and deliver on time. We manage big projects and capture the small details.

Let's Design Something

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